If you are allergic to PPD hair dye, unfortunately you can not colour your hair with permanent colours.


PPD PTD FREE Semi-Permanent Colours

“No Limits” colours use direct dyes rather than oxidative pigments, making them ideal for clients who are sensitive to PPD or PTD (hair dye pigments). Each will last between 3 and 30 washes and 100% free from PPDs and PTDs.

“This product has changed my life due to extreme allergies. Would highly recommend this product”

The possibilities for this product are endless. You can try out a new shade without long-term commitment, as the “No Limits” colours are semi-permanent. The natural shades are Natural Black, Dark Brown, Chestnut Brown and Golden Blonde.

Please note, colour result will vary, depending on natural hair colour. Works great on pre-lightened hair, and grey hair.

Each colour is supplied in an easy to use 140ml pump.

Self-Colouring at home

Available to purchase online or at our salon

Salon Experience

We offer colouring services with ‘No Limits’

Also Available in Silver Grey & Vivid Colours

Experiment with looks and colours for unique styles!

Available in red, yellow, orange, violet, blue, green, hot pink and silver grey, “No Limits” semi-permanent hair colour is a fantastic way to refresh shades in-between colouring or to change the tone for a short period of time. The colour should last between 13 and 30 washes.

The possibilities for this product are endless. Please note, colour result will vary, depending on natural hair colour. For a brighter effect, apply to pre-lightened hair.


Shampoo hair using Organic Colour System shampoo, then massage the No Limits semi-permanent colour onto towel-dried hair. Leave for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and condition the hair using Organic Colour System conditioner. Leave for 5 minutes and raise off the conditioner thoroughly.

We recommend to use Organic Colour System shampoo and conditioner to maintain and prolong colours.