We totally understand that it can be a hassle to spend time for 2 trips to our salon, it seems over-cautious having the test done as you believe you have never had allergic reactions to anything or any hair colouring.

Most of hair salons don’t offer the test, as they believe they risk losing business and don’t insist on clients. Also, many people blindly trust the professionals not to put them at any risk.

Why do we “insist”?

We have been contacted by many clients who are allergic to hair dye, and many of them told us that they had never had any reactions before, but last time at other salons, their scalp start irritating and became redness. Few told us that their face were swelled up and taken to A&E.

They were “never” allergic to hair dye before, but why so suddenly?

Our body condition changes all the time and an allergy happens when our immune system overact to something and trigger the symptoms we associate with allergies. Allergies can develop at any time in your life.

There are numerous cases of allergic reactions, symptoms vary from very mild to quite severe, usually affecting the scalp, neck, forehead, ears and eyelids. Some people can also have an allergic reaction to the dye, which can affect other areas of the body causing widespread itching, urticaria (nettlerash) and general unwellness. In serious cases, it can lead to anaphylactic shock, where the face and mouth swell up and breathing can be severely affected.

Most of our new clients comes back no issues with the test, but few reacted with surprises, you could be one of those few… Because we insist the test, we have never had any clients reacted in our salon.

If you are regular to us, your colour appointment is usually every 3 months and we monitor. But if you stop colouring more than 6 months, you must do the test again.

How long does it take?

1 min to put the test on.
Apply a drop of our darkest colour at the back of your elbow and cover with a plaster.
Leave it for 2 hours then remove the plaster and wash any colours on your skin.
Monitor for next 48 hours if you see any redness, itchiness and/or irritation. If nothing, you are good to go!

Your 1st visit will be Colour Consultation to discuss desired colour goal, also analyse hair condition, and Hair Dye Allergy Test.

We really appreciate your effort to visit for the test, your well-being is very important and we believe it’s right thing to do as professionals, being different from any other salons.

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