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❗️Because we have not seen your hair, we might NOT be able to colour if you have any of these conditions: breaking hair, not enough re-growth, dark henna to lighten, recently dyed hair for colour correction.

• Is your hair dyed?

With your selection, we must see your hair, please REQUEST* FREE Colour Consultation visit.

* If your hair is dyed recently, we are NOT able to correct colours from recent permanent dyes and/or without natural re-growth.

* If you used Henna, we must remove Henna's chemicals in order to colour permanently. We ONLY can colour the same or darker shades as current colour. Lightening hair with Henna usually results in blue/green/orange.

* If you are allergic to PPD/PTD/Hair dye, we can NOT use permanent colours. There are options with semi-permanent colours but limited colour range.

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• Preferred Appointment Day(s)

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