Your journey to naturally healthier hairdressing starts with us!

We are an ethical salon, established with the health of ours, our clients and our client’s hair in mind. We are striving for a naturally better, healthier salon. Toxic free, Cruelty-free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan hair colours and hair care products.


Organic Colour Systems Official Partner Salon over 10 years


Organic Colour Systems allows you to do everything that you normally do, but more naturally, ethically, without damage and without compromising on performance 🏅

We provide the most healthiest salon environment for stylists without breathing and contact with any toxic chemicals 🌿


Self-emplyment, no fixed term, long term.

Flexible schedules with independence and freedom.
e.g. 2~5 days a week

Stylist’s Service commission:
40% ~ 45%
Stylist’s Product Sales commission:

Settled monthly. Estimates £20,000-35,000pa

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